Water Purifier Market in India

Water is one of the components that are essential in our life but nowadays to get clean water for drinking is not an easy one. The major problem that is identified by the water purifier in India, is just because of urbanization, growth of population, and effects of the surroundings including environmental and industrial. In the whole world, every country taking measures and developing techniques in the water purifier to make their future secure. China and India are at the top of these problems. Everyone can access the good and clean water but the water that makes your living standards are not available. Excess amount of water consumption is one of the problems because it takes time to purify water again and using water without purification can cause a lot of diseases. It’s a common concept of the people that filtered water can use it but it is not suitable for your drinking.

Water purification can be done by different techniques and steps like Chlorination, Bio sand, Reverse Osmosis, UV, slow sand filters, sedimentation, direct contact membrane distillation (DCMD), Desalination, Bioremediations, and through chemical oxidation.

RO is suitable only when the condition of the water is very bad. It can convert the water in a good form but not in a good standard that we can use it for drinking. But the process is too slow, no one can easily get rid of chemicals. Kent developed patented Mineral RO technology to remove the waste and germs. Kent RO provides the solutions to protect your families from the water-borne diseases and does not remove essential nutrients and it is one of the best TDS controlling procedure.

When there was a time to secure the environment of drinking water at that we didn’t make a sustainable community. Now the generations are facing problems of the stomach like diarrhea.

Goal of the International Water Purifier Companies

The Aim and competition of the water purifiers markets are to develop a scheme that helps them out to get rid of the problems of water. The water purifier market every year lessened the problems but the steps they implement are no longer durable. But most of the people introduced the RO technique but it is a time taking strategy and trends have also changed in after every year and the advancement comes in it from naïve to the complex level and more technological level. India produced a way therefore every person drink a clean water but it was not pure. No doubt, it was affordable but not hygienic. So, it creates a lot of prolems. In India and its most big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Chennai have a large no of salts and it causes water pollution.

International companies like

  • Eureka Forbes Limited,
  • KENT RO,
  • Blue Star Limited,
  • Hindustan Unilever Limited,
  • Tata Chemicals Limited,
  • A.O Smith

Are competitive insights at the national level? They not only work on branding but also on their marketing and it is quite helpful.

Like Havells India Limited and LivPure launched their products in the same month for the purification and recovery of water. The problem that comes in front of the people that we have to work on its Infrastructure of the regions, areas, and the places where they live. And the markets that are working for the people are not taking out the solutions just because of their need. And this need can be complete in a specific region when there is a technology and geographically it has good resources.

Problems Faced Due to impure water

The era of technology provides the ways that we can use it for our comforts but during that, we forget about others and now we all are facing the problems of Lack of healthy water. The headquartered of the non-profit organization of London that was called Water Aid discovered and realized that India is in its alarming situation because the availability of water is not appreciable for everyone. The population in India is massive. According to research 8 million people are caused and affected by the diseases just because of the lack of water resources. Only 78.88 million cabs and get water through tap because the percentage of India and who have not any access to safe and clean ware are 76 while 107.42 can only accessed water of the tap and the 21 % of the people are getting to be threatened to death just because of infectious water.

In India only 4% types of resources are available that provide fruitful and good water. And 80000 deaths are happening in India. It is observed by the main three large countries that due to the present situation it will be No drinking water in India by 2040. The percentage of freshwater waters only 3 % and if we didn’t stop our technologies and energy consumption then the animals from freshwater will be also threatened and the cubic meter of water purifier decrease from 6000 to 1545 and it will 1,340 in 2050. So the solution in this time matters a lot.

Aqua guard Water purifier

Eureka Forbes started by Marzin R Shroff in 1982 who is the CEO and MD at this company and his aim was to provide a clean and make water according to consumer needs to millions of Indians. At the start, they have to go to the people's house door and their product at that time are vacuum cleaners, air purifiers.

Aquaguard was the first and the largest water purifier in the world and sell in the 1000s. The transparency market research is expected that Indian’s water purification rate will be increased from 1.1 to 4.1 in 2024.

It worked a lot for India and has developed so many technologies that help in water purification It also offering essential elements in water and advanced water purifier and the best thing is that everyone can check the quality of water on phones like in smartphones. The capacity and water price are decided according to liters.