Six Gadgets You Need To Add In Your 2020 Wish List

Are you the tech-savvy person in your family? Or are you the one with the latest technology among friends? Whoever you are, we have identified your urge to be technologically advanced.

Certain gadgets that are already released or to be released, and we do not want you to miss out on them.

Here are six cool gadgets you need to add to your wish list right now. Check them out. You will be surprised.

Apple iPhone 12

If you are an iPhone user, you won't be shocked to know that every year apple surprises its users with new and mind-blowing gadgets. Be it their watches, Airpods, or a new set of iPhones. Yes, you have guessed it right. Apple is launching its iPhone 12 real soon. That too with 5G network. The fastest connection out there. with no set release date, it is expected to come out any time between September and October of 2020.

As per the unofficial sources, the iPhone will be releasing four different sets of phones with three available sizes for now. 5.7 inches, being smaller than iPhone 11 pro while 6.7 inches, being larger than the iPhone 11 pro max. That would be a huge phone, No?

Two of the four phones are expected to have a dual-lens while the other two will have a triple-lens.

So if you want to buy an iPhone, that too iPhone 11, we would suggest stopping! Stop, and wait for it. This iPhone 12 is worth the wait. You'll be amazed by it.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

"A new look unfolds."

Samsung galaxy Z fold 2 is here in the market; this time, it's better, wider, and slimmer. You have heard it right. better durability than fold, it is re-engineered to perfection. This phone (or you can say a diary) comes with five cameras. Yes! Five. Comes with a fast-charging adapter and a cable and battery with 4500 mAh.

Always needed a tripod to fix the phone to shoot? Well, you don't need that now. Galaxy folds two can be set at any angle and vanishes the need for a tripod at all. This has speakers on both sides. With a wider screen and dual speakers, you will have a cinema effect too at home.

It can be easily concluded; this gadget is worth the splurge.

Fitbit Sense- An Advanced Health Watch

It is a smartwatch and fitness tracker altogether. This wearable has better specs than apple watches. Want to know more? Keep reading.

The watch revolves around three major areas.

  • Temperature health
  • Heart health
  • Stress management

It provides health insights, includes the thermometer, and provides accurate heart ratings. It can also be used to track menstrual health.

Apart from it, it allows the experience of the smartwatch too. It has a built-in GPS, goal-based exercise record, keeps track of all-day activities, and majorly has a sleep mode too. Too much for a smartwatch? Well, experience for yourself. Can't wait to get your hands on it? It will be in the market real soon.

Samsung Galaxy S11

Samsung launched its s11 earlier this year. But why does it have to be on your 2020 wish list? Here's why.

Samsung S series live up to its hype always. And S11 continued to live up to it.

The significant feature is buttonless. Can you believe it? It is the first buttonless Samsung phone. That means no power button or volume rocker. The operations will be done through the pressure and movement along the side of the phone. It has an on-screen fingerprint sensor.

This triple rear camera phone has 108, 13, and 8 megapixels for the back camera and 10 megapixels front camera. It offers a 5G network too, which means fast and improved internet connections as well.

It has a large battery too, 4500 mAh. Slim and smart, this phone has 6.7 inches AMOLED display. So many features that you can't resist buying? Maybe then you should.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold

A laptop? Or a tablet? You decide.

Not a laptop person? No problem, it has a touch screen. want to use it for office purposes? It still got you covered. Attach a keyboard, and you are good to use. Lenovo has introduced the world's first folded laptop and will be launching by the end quarter of 2020.

What's so special about it? Almost everything.

It has a 50 watt-hour battery that will last up to all day long. Furthermore, it has a 13.3 inches OLED display, but the folding quality makes it easier to carry; also, once folded looks like a notebook. This thing is surely going to confuse everyone.

Nuraloop Headphones

A Bluetooth of 5.0 ensures that you have the best listening experience via these headphones.

These competitively priced headphones make sure that the outside noise is altogether canceled. The reviews claimed that it's better than the apple air pods or Samsung galaxy buds that too for a less sum of amount. Isn't it what you were looking for?

It comes with many accessories, for instance, headphone jack-tipped aux cable, extra ear gel tips, and USB charging cable along with the traveling case.It isn’t wireless that means both the earpieces are attached. Hence, reducing the chances of missing an earpiece, finally.

It also has a whopping 16 hours of battery life. Too good to be real. Add to your wish list now. You won’t regret it.


Each year you either collect the pocket money to splurge on something, or you want to treat yourself once in a while. This list helps you make a wish list of your own with the add worthy options to choose from. With everything you need to know, just make an online order to buy the product directly. Chose it for yourself or as a gift to someone, these newly launched or soon-to-be-launched gadgets are perfect for everyone.