Buy best Water Purifier in India at best price

Are you finding a best water purifier? It is simple. Buy an RO and the water will be converted to mineral water. But is it right to drink Mineral water? Leave all this. Buy RO, UV, UF or MF and get clean water. But would that water be clean water? If you get to listen these things, then you are both confused and misguided. But not anymore. I promise you that you will be able to buy the best water purifier and drink safe water. First let’s understand these terms- RO, UV, UF, MF.

RO is a good filter technology but for 1L pure water, it wastes 3L water. Essential minerals like Calcium, Magnesium and Sodium gets eliminated. Therefore, it is not a safe technology. You get only a liquid and not water. Buy RO only when you need it.

After that comes UV filters that kills germs, dirt and bacteria and neither they disturb the taste or change the colour of water. They are very cost effective.

Then comes UF filters which eliminate dead germs and bacteria but it cannot eliminate solids or metals.

Then comes MF- Micro Filtration System. It removes dust and sand, but the solids and metals will not be eliminated.

Then comes the biggest marketing gimmick- TDS Controller. Wherever you find TDS or MTDS is written, remember there is strong marketing going on there. TDS adds impure water to pure water to increase or decrease the TDS levels. I highly recommend you stay away from purifiers with TDS or MTDS. According To WHO- 300 ppm TDS (Total dissolved solid) can be consumed directly without any filtration. According to BIS (bureau of Indian Standards) 500 TDS water can be consumed without any filtration. If the TDS level of water is 250-300 then you don't need RO. You must buy a purifier with UF+UV combination. If the TDS level is above 300, then you must buy RO+UV+UF combination. You can check the TDS level by using TDS meter that costs INR 250. Check TDS level before buying RO. Maybe you'll only require UV+UF. Unnecessary cleaning will turn the water to only a liquid. Minerals are essential and mineral free water is just a liquid, not water. There will be two categories- RO+UV+UF and UV+UF.

UF+UV filter is suitable for TDS level up to 250 or 300. You can choose any product, according to your water capacity and your budget, out of below mentioned products.

  1. The first filter under UV+UF category in 2021 is Aquaguard Aura which comes with 7L capacity. It has UF+UV purification which is suitable for 250-300 TDS level water. It works with 6 stages of purification. It has Active Copper Technology with copper cartridge that releases copper ions. All in all, this is a good filter with 1 year of warranty and service, which is normal. It costs INR 12,000. UF purifier does not drastically decrease the TDS levels. It just removes metals and dust, and this is what is required if TDS level is 300.
  2. The best pick in UF+UV water purifier in 2021 is A.O Smith Z1 model which has 10L water storage capacity. It has UF+UV purification which is suitable for 250-300 TDS level water. The best thing is its large storage capacity which is best suitable for family with 5 to 7 members. It works with 5 stages of purification with digital display. It has a pre-filter as well as a sediment filter. Along with UV lamp you get Silver activated post carbon filtration. Along with cold water you can take 45 degree to 80-degree hot water too. There are two outlet pipes- one for hot water and the other for cold water, and this is one of the coolest features. A.O Smith claims that it can handle TDS level up to 350 and can purify water. It costs INR 13,000 and this is one of the best water purifiers with the facility of hot and cold water.

For TDS levels above 300, You can choose any product, according to your water capacity and your budget, out of below mentioned products.

  1. The best of RO water purifiers in 2021 is Livpure LIV PEP PRO PLUS which has 7L water storage capacity. It comes with Multistage purification system and RO+UV+UF and taste enhancer technology. High grade ABS has been used in it to stop leakage, which is very good. Livpure claims that this purifier will clean TDS level up to 2000. It has a pre-activated carbon filter and an absorber. Along with UV disinfection, silver ions are used once water passes through the carbon filter. Livpure claims a mineralizer Livpure gives 1-year warranty. This purifier has a LED light indicator. Livpure claims that the water wastage is very less in this purifier. We must conserve water. It costs INR 8500. This is the best value for money RO purifier.
  2. Second best RO water purifier in 2021 is Kent Ace which has 8L water storage capacity. It has advanced 7 stage purification with RO+UV+UF. According to Kent, this purifier purifies the water in multiple stages. Its capacity of 8L is slightly higher than normal 7L capacity. Kent claims mineral RO technology. Another good thing is that the UV disinfectant is located inside the tank only. Kent gives 1-year warranty and service. It costs INR 11,500 which is slightly higher as per 8L capacity. The purifier water is sweet and tastes good. It controls the TDS efficiently.
  3. Third best RO water purifier in 2021 is HUL Pureit Eco water saver which has 10L water storage capacity. It has advanced 7 stage purification with RO+UV+MF. According to Hindustan Unilever, this purifier purifies the water with TDS level up to 2000ppm. According to them, it is suitable for borewell, tanks or tap water. It has advanced alert system which will indicate when you will be required to change the filter. The good pro of this water purifier is its 10L large tank. HUL gives 1-year warranty. This is one of the best water purifiers the purified water tastes very good, it controls TDS efficiently and the water wastage is less as compared to other water purifiers. Its huge cost of INR 14,000 is justified because of its large tank. For a family of more than 5 members, this 10L water purifier is the best.

Extra clean water is merely a liquid. Choose a good purifier according to the TDS level of water at your home.